Knowledge translation

Are you are engaged in spreading quality research to those who need to know about it? This dissemination can be done in many ways. At the Campbell Collaboration, we publish information about our research projects and their results via our library and articles on our website. In addition, we distribute information by our participation in events such as workshops and conferences.

But as the promotion of a review is a shared responsibility with authors and supporting institution, our primary method of spreading information is through the activities of our members and associates.

Resources: We have collected some addresses to good resources that you find on the Web. Specific resources for fields like crime and justice, education, or social welfare, you will find them in those respective areas on this website.

Collaboration: The name of our organization says it all, we have to work together to get results. Your contributions to this section are welcome. Articles, tips about good resources or other suggested improvements are contributions we are looking for.
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