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Writing a Campbell Review

We welcome proposals for new reviews to be registered with the Campbell Collaboration and, subsequently, published in the Campbell Library.

The usual way to develop a Campbell review is to carry out three stages: 1) title registration, 2) protocol, and 3) review.  The protocol and review are both externally refereed.  The Campbell editorial process aims to reply within 3 weeks for titles, 12 weeks for protocols and 12 weeks for reviews.

We suggest that authors include team members with content expertise, methodology expertise, information science, statistician and other specialties as needed (such as economics), depending on the topic and focus of the review.

You may seek permission to register a Campbell review if you have published and registered a protocol and/or review elsewhere, described as retrospective registration (Campbellization)

 Please see these pages (in menu on right) for more details on each step:

  • title registration
  • protocol, and
  • review
  • Retrospective registration of review or protocol registered elsewhere (i.e. Campbellization).

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