What's new on the Campbell website

There are some important changes coming to our website. The most significant development is that all Campbell protocols, systematic reviews and methods papers are now hosted by our new publisher, Wiley. You can access all these publications on the Wiley online library platform: click here.

Information about how to send us a proposal for an article, and information about where to find support for authors is also on the new site: click here. The list of all approved title registration forms (where author teams are working on a protocol to be published in the new journal) is here. There is a brief explanation on that page about how to request a copy of a title registration form.

The section that used to be called the 'Campbell Library' on this website has become a revitalised 'Research evidence' section. It will contain plain language summaries (PLSes) of completed systematic reviews, and policy briefs. In the near future, it will also include the PLSes of the new Campbell evidence and gap maps. Although the old 'Campbell Library' pages will no longer offer downloads of protocols and reviews, there will be a link from each page to these documents, now hosted on the Wiley online library platform.

There will be a transition period of a few weeks for all these changes to be made, and for the new structure to be indexed by search engines.

We hope that these changes will make it much easier for policymakers, practitioners and other interested users to access the research evidence that we publish. We are also excited to offer the academic and research communities a professional, searchable, platform for our new Campbell Systematic Reviews journal. We look forward to announcing the first (double!) issue of the new journal – Volume 15, Issue 1-2 – in the coming days.

If you have any questions about how to find pages that you are looking for, please feel free to email us: info@campbellcollaboration.org.

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