Knowledge Translation and Implementation (KTI)

The mission of the KTI Coordinating Group is to enhance the impact of Campbell systematic reviews on policy and practice, as well as, produce systematic reviews in the knowledge translation and implementation science. Successful translation from research knowledge to impact requires many types of highly specialized communication and people skills to support the implementation of evidence-based practices with high fidelity. The KTI Coordinating Group has assembled an international group of scholars, policymakers, and knowledge brokers to serve on the advisory board to ensure the overall success of the KTI activities.  

Although there are many ways to reach and engage researchers and users of research evidence, the KTI coordinating group is currently working on these main activities:

  • Collaborating with international evidence producing organizations (e.g., Cochrane Collaboration) and actively engaging a variety of users in producing and disseminating systematic reviews
  • Engaging supports and processes for authors to develop systematic reviews in knowledge translation and implementation sciences
  • Supporting the production of user friendly summaries (User Abstracts) of systematic review findings
  • Facilitating events to bring together practitioners, policy makers, decision makers and other social services professionals with intermediary organisations that produce and/or use KTI focused systematic reviews

Please contact the Co-chairs of the coordinating group to learn how you can join and get involved:

Robyn Mildon, PhD: 

Xinsheng "Cindy" Cai, PhD:

To submit a review please email:


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