Policy Briefs Series

Introducing the Campbell Policy Briefs series – new publications designed to inform social policy and practice decisions

Our Policy Briefs summarize findings from Campbell systematic reviews by outlining the evidence reviewed and what has been learned. The Policy Briefs also identify key remaining questions, and present ideas for future research and policy work.

  • Effects of Parenting ProgramsFeb 04, 2015

    In our first Policy Brief, Professor Barlow summarizes evidence from five Campbell systematic reviews of parenting programs. These programs are designed to enhance parents’ knowledge skills and understanding, and to improve both child and parent behavioral and psychological outcomes. 


  • Effects of School Based Interventions to Improve Student BehaviorFeb 04, 2015

    The second Policy Brief summarizes evidence from six Campbell systematic reviews of the effects of school based interventions to improve student behavior. The interventions examined include cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling with at-risk students, and school-wide campaigns targeting destructive mind-sets.


  • Programs Promoting Sustainable Agriculture for SmallholdersFeb 04, 2015

    The third Policy Brief summarizes evidence from five Campbell systematic reviews which examine agricultural interventions including technology, skills and the regulatory environment. The impact of the following interventions is presented: land titling, training and technology, farmer field schools, payment for environmental services, and decentralized forest management.  


  • Effects of sentencing policy on re-offendingFeb 04, 2015

    The fourth Policy Brief summarizes evidence from 12 systematic reviews in the Campbell Library which examine nearly 400 studies about sentencing in the criminal justice system. Overall, the evidence shows that recidivism by offenders given non-custodial sentences is no higher, if not lower, than those given custodial sentences. 



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