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Approaches to parent involvement for improving the academic performance of Elementary School-aged children

Additional Info

  • Authors: Chad Nye, Jamie Schwartz, Herbert Turner
  • Published date: 2006-06-21
  • Coordinating group(s): Education
  • Type of document: Review
  • See the full review:

It is clear that parent involvement has a positive and significant effect on children’s overall academic performance. It is also clear that the effect is large enough to have practical implications for parents, practitioners, and policymakers (d= 0.45).

The overall effect suggested that when parents participated in academic enrichment activities with their children outside of school, the benefits were manifest in improved academic performance in school. This result was striking when one considers that the median length of parent involvement was only 11 weeks.

These finding are generally consistent with the results reported by Jeynes (2005) which reported d=.31 for those studies he classified as direct parent involvement programs. Further, both Jeynes’ findings and those of this study argue against the conclusions of Mattingly, et al. ( 2000). While Mattingly et al. concluded that there is little effect of parent involvement on academic performance, this review has uncovered compelling support for the use of a parent involvement program as a viable supplementary intervention to improve children’s academic performance in school, and for the parent involvement component of the No Child Left Behind mandate.

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